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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yet another cup of tea…

I do tea. It’s not just that I prefer tea to coffee. And I’m not just talking about iced tea, which I also enjoy. And I’m not just talking about bagged tea. No, I do tea. Real tea. Leaf tea. Loose tea that requires effort to make.

During the summer, I am a one or two cups a day kind of girl and I drink iced tea after that. And, yes, I do use bags when I make iced tea. I’m not so snobby that I don’t ever use a bag. But, there is nothing like going to the effort of making tea. It requires effort. It’s more elaborate then cracking open a can of pop or making a pot of coffee.

My husband bought me a tea pot with matching cups and saucers (Noritake; the bamboo pattern with gold trim). And I have a good tea pot (it has a strainer built in the spout). There’s something else about watching the leaves unfurl and float. It’s elegant to pour tea into a cup and saucer, then re-filling. And I can, and will, drink an entire pot alone.

Boys who play Nintendo continue to play computer games. Boys who play with cars grow up and play with cars. But girls don’t often continue their childhood rituals that can carry on to adulthood. Girls who play tea party don’t grow up to host tea.

I was talking with a couple of my friends and suggested that we have a tea party. Shar looked at me like I was nuts because her little girls are tea party age. I explained that I meant that we get together and have a proper tea.

And we will, in the fall.

So, what are my summer recommends? Well, I don’t know that much about tea. And I don’t claim any expertise on the subject. I can tell you what I like, though. This summer, I am drinking tea from Harney and Sons. My morning tea is their Lemony Gunpowder tea. A good evening tea is Jane's Garden Tea (by the way, they donate $5.50 to breast cancer research for each tin sold). And, for a general infusion to iced or hot tea, I recommend their Peach or Strawberry-Kiwi “tea.” (They’re not real tea, technically, they’re infusions, but in America, we aren’t as particular as they are other places.) The peach and strawberry-kiwi are also good additions to green teas, as well as alone; though I do add them occasionally to my Lipton iced tea. For green teas, I personally enjoy bancha and lung ching, with and without the fruit infusions. And Dragon Pearl Jasmine is always a great tea.

Never done tea? Lady Elegant is a great place to partake in a tea service. I took my sister for their “Parlor Tea” the day before her wedding. It was very impressive and worth the time and money.


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