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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My alter egos

I have, throughout my life, found use for alter egos. Alter egos are really another name for imaginary friends. And they are a useful way of expressing unpopular or wacky opinions to the amusement of others. More recently, I have adopted several alter egos through my kitties. No, I don’t have a real pet. Josh is allergic to them, as am I. Because I am decidedly a cat person, I have Beanie Baby kitties to play with. Eventually, many have developed unique personalities, and are a constructive way for me to let certain sides of me shine.

Often, I have re-named my kitties according to their personalities. I have Jumpy, Pouncy, and Puss, as the main kitties. Occasionally the main kitties have interactions and stories with the lesser kitties, a lamb, named Lamby, and a Koala.

This post isn’t necessarily to tell a story about them, rather to explain away some of my more quirky personality traits. Some people may find it strange that I play with Beanie Babies. And I am willing to concede that perhaps it isn’t normal behavior for an adult. But, a lot of people have fantasies that are considered normal. For example, my husband has a fantasy baseball team. People play role playing games like the various Sims games. Also, there are a variety of other interactive games that allow one to be “in control” of a universe.

I would argue that none of these activities, from playing with stuffed animals to having a pretend Star Wars Universe, are, in and of themselves, unhealthy. It is the extent that you take your little fantasy. If I start really believing my kitties are real and start taking them to a vet for their shots, I need help. But, sitting down and playing with my kitties is just as legitimate a game as computer games or fantasy baseball or whatever. So, when I mention my kitties, or tell stories about them, please understand that they are not real, and I’m not to be considered crazy, unless you never read fiction, always watch TV documentaries, and don’t play computer games.


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