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Friday, November 11, 2005

The problem with meth labs

Ever have one of those moments when you REALLY hate meth labs? Well, I’m having one. I make soap. It’s a nice little hobby. It is fairly low maintenance. You make a batch; a couple days later, you cut it, and six weeks after that, you rub off the rough edges and make it look pretty and use it. The problem is that it occasionally gets out of hand; but that’s when you need to start a business.

Anyway, when I say that I make soap, I don’t mean that soap making kit you find at the craft store where you melt this stuff and pour it in molds. No, I take fatty acids and water and lye and make soap from scratch.

OK, so what do meth and soap have in common? Lye. My brand of lye has been discontinued in a spurt of corporate responsibility. Lye doesn’t make drugs; people make drugs, darn it!

Now I know how gun owners feel. My nice little hobby is becoming harder to do. I’ve been emptying shelves. It is my goal to have all the lye to be found in my suburb.

I have enough lye to make about a thousand bars of soap; I would rather not say exactly how much lye that is, but it’s a lot. When that’s all made, that means I need to either find a new hobby or start a business so I can justify buying wholesale.


  • At 2:23 PM , Blogger Hermionegonzo said...

    I know how you feel about meth labs. It is notjust about the lye. In August, I was getting ready to head back to college. My mother took me to Target to get school supplies, and other essentials for living away from home. One such item is Advil Cold & Sinus. Because of people using over the counter medicines in meth, Target is now one of the stores that requires the purchaser to be 18 and checks to see how much of the product in question that you have purchased within the last 6 months from Target stores. I was grilled by the chick at the pharmacy all because I wanted one box of Advil Cold & Sinus! Really, to think that I of all people would run a meth lab! My only hope is that I do not run out of my cold medicine before next year, because I don't want the hassle of having to buy another box.

  • At 4:37 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    I'll hook you up when you come over.


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