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Sunday, May 14, 2006

And whom shall we fear?

We’re studying I Peter at church during adult Bible hour. I Peter is, for the most part, about persecution of believers. And here is the irony of the American Conservative Evangelical thought: we fear Iran that can nuke us to our death and we do not fear God who can damn us to Hell.

Despots are going to have weapons of mass destruction from now until kingdom come, and there is little to nothing we can do about it. There is nothing new under the sun. We should certainly defend ourselves and we should certainly defend Israel, but our, not speaking America’s, rather, Conservative Evangelicals, priorities are completely out of order.

I recently received a letter asking for money from a Conservative Evangelical organization. And, again, this is nothing new, but it was so I could contribute to the legal fund of the head of the organization so he could sue liberals who are slandering him. HELLO? Why should I be contributing to this fund when there are Christians, this day, suffering and dying for the sake of the gospel and this man cannot take words?

And this election year, it’s the election that is either going to damn us to hell or raise us to heaven, if you were to listen to the pundits. Why should we fear those of opposing political beliefs when our own priorities are screwed up? What can those who oppose us do to us that has not been done or is not being done?

Certainly, we must be aware and active citizens. At the same time, we fear those who can damn us to totalitarian states when we should really fear God who can damn our eternal souls. Before our party conventions, before our primaries, before our election, we must first humble ourselves before Almighty God and get our priorities in order. This election is no more or less important then previous elections.


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