Blonde moment

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Blonde Moment of the Week

I generally listen to Relevant Radio during my drives. So, yesterday, I got into my car for my end of work day commute and flip on the radio. The first thing I hear is Drew Mariani’s grief stricken voice talking about how the Pope had died. I started thinking, “No! This can’t be right. I knew he was old, but he wasn’t infirm like John Paul II.” And I started thinking about how horrible it was that this Pope had such short tenure. I start driving, and I hear, “Holy Father” this and “Holy Father” that. And I kept on listening, feeling a sense of general loss and grief for the Catholic Church. About 10 minutes into my commute, I hear the words, “John Paul the Second has died.”

Wow, do I feel dumb! Drew was replaying coverage from over a year ago.

God bless Benedict XVI, and may he live a long life!


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