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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reassurance that I am REALLY not that odd

No, I really must not be that odd. Or others are as odd as I, which means I’m not the only one. OK, so one of my beanie kitties was deployed with Josh and occasionally writes notes to my other beanie kitties (there are very few cross specie friendships among the beanies). And so, occasionally my beanies like to use the web cam to visit with Josh’s beanie baby. (I have such a good husband for humoring my abnormalities.)

But, let us consider bobble heads. Specifically one Ralphie Bobble Head. Apparently said Ralphie either ran away and converted or he was kidnapped by terrorists.

The point is, why take life so seriously? And secondarily, do men really miss bobble heads all that much? And if men miss bobble heads so much, does Josh miss the Torii Hunter Bobble Head? Sad if he does, because the Torii Hunter Bobble Head still hasn’t written anything to Josh. Ingrate.

By the way, for those interested, Aria and Lambie have decided to accompany HermionyGonzo, Shanainai, and me to see “The Illusionist.” Aria is a beanie kitty and HermionyGonzo and Shanainia are the twins. (I am hoping that Lambie is self explanatory.)


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