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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Five altruistic baby boomers and Richard

You know, it isn’t so much that John Kerry was particularly insulting when he said that uneducated people are stuck in Iraq. Don’t get me wrong, he was insulting, there is a lot more to the statement then meets the eye.

John Kerry, and other liberals, misinterpret motives. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a middle class couple who gives money to tax-exempt charities. One could say, “Well, it’s just for the tax write off,” or “Perhaps this middle class couple believes in the charitable cause.” Does the motive matter to the charity? No.

The very obvious financial benefit of military service is college money. Heck, if you serve in the Minnesota National Guard and do a tour in Iraq, you get both the GI Bill and National Guard tuition re-imbursement. But does this have to be the only motive for service?

My husband re-enlisted because he believes in the War in Iraq and for some odd reason likes the way military life sucks. He originally joined the Army to jump out of airplanes and blow up stuff. I know soldiers who like the adventure. I know soldiers who just want to make the world a better place. I know a soldier who joined to become a citizen. I know soldiers who did it for the college money.

Who is to say which motives are better motives? Is the guy who likes jumping out of airplanes and blowing up stuff worse then someone who wants to make the world a better place? Is the person who believes in the cause any different then the person who wants an adventure? Is either citizenship or money an inferior reason to join? Why should anyone but the recruiters and service members care?

Mr. Kerry certainly has the right to say that uneducated people are serving in Iraq, but that is derogatory and it is not reflective of the variety of motives behind the enlistees. Mr. Kerry’s statement also may be reflective of the way he parented. Mr. Kerry obviously doesn’t believe that parents should teach their children that compassion, justice, mercy, self-sacrifice, and humility are good traits. Josh’s mom, dad, and step parents taught him these traits, as my parents taught me. Five good baby boomers, all (Josh's step-dad, Richard, wasn't a boomer). What do the Kerry girls do that is more special then Josh?

The remark, supposedly meant to be about tuition re-imbursement, is another discussion on how the military should be staffed and compensated.


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