Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Here’s to September 11th

A day to celebrate consecutive odd numbers, especially those within families.
A day to celebrate starting a pattern, even one by chance.
A day to celebrate life.
A day to celebrate my new hair cut, and I look cute if I do say so myself.
A day to celebrate an exciting AL Central Race.
A day to go to the Twins game with a devoted fan.

Sure, I’m going to a September 11th remembrance….
My Birthday.

The only one I have.

Happy Birthday to me, and happy consecutive odds to my sisters. The pattern wouldn’t work without 9/11.
PS (To Claire Jarvis, where ever you are, Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday, Jane Horn! Happy Birthday to Grandma Kulzer! Happy Birthday to everyone else who shares the day!)


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