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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A useful skill I picked up in college…

One of my bad deployment habits is sleeping with the TV on. I picked this up in college when my roommates were away for weekends at their various pursuits. Something I learned, however, was how to take apart a TV and VCR to retrieve tapes. So, my bedroom TV has been giving me grief for a few months now… therefore, I elected to take the TV apart tonight. Sure enough there are tons of spider webs on the inside and some screwed up springs. Not that I know what the springs do or anything, but they’re broken. (Side note to men who think that I *wouldn’t* take apart a TV, and be smart enough to insure that I didn’t snap the wires that connect the screen to the whats-it-called, I didn’t pull the screen that far apart to do any damage personally.)

So, one needs to go find a small bedroom TV tomorrow… and deposit the current issue in the pile of electronic things for Josh to recycle when he gets home. I know better then to get rid of electronic things myself…

Yup, I took apart the TV, saw that the innards were broken, and decided not to fix it.

The things women do when their husbands are not at home to supervise…


  • At 2:52 PM , Blogger JT said...

    So this is why she now has a new flat screen, LCD TV/DVD combo in our room. That little TV survived eight years, five or six moves, to bad the VCR didnt. Oh Well, I get a new toy out of the deal!


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