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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So what’s up with this Lutheran/Evangelical debate?

A little over ten years ago, my faith was rocked. I started to question everything I grew up believing, and am now in the process of catechizing myself in the Lutheran tradition of the Christian faith. So, I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head that I am only now starting to come to terms with. Obviously, some of these questions I’ve discussed; others I may in the future.

If you know another life long Evangelical who becomes Lutheran, they have to sit and work through some of these issues too:
*What is the proper initiation into the Christian faith?
*How does one receive assurance of salvation if initiation is not asking Jesus into ones heart?
*If ones friend claims Christianity, how does one tell if they really are, assuming we are not using the “have you asked Jesus into your heart” standard?
*Why is it important to have a foundational and comprehensive doctrinal statement like the Book of Concord when Protestants claim self-interpretation of scriptures?
*Isn’t Divine Liturgy imposing a trapping of religiosity?
*When you memorize and regularly recite The Apostles Creed, does it not loose its meaning?
*When you memorize and regularly recite The Lord’s Prayer, does it not loose its meaning?
*What is Holy Communion, really?
*What’s up with this Confirmation thing?
*Why do Lutherans kind of snub non-denominational things?
*Don’t Lutherans believe in women pastors/gay marriage/and other assorted liberal things?

At any rate, when meeting someone transitioning from Evangelical to Lutheran, be patient and realize the Evangelical doesn’t speak Lutheran and needs some extra care and catechizing.


  • At 11:05 PM , Blogger Orycteropus Afer said...

    Hi, Liz. Welcome to Wittenberg, warts and all. As keeper of the Big Blogroll O' Vark, I bookmarked your site when I first found it and, once my template editing is complete, you'll be added to the Aardvark's Book of (the Sweet) Life.


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