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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Feeling Heather’s Pain…

Though I wouldn’t do a high ropes course… and I did not do the high ropes course even though my IV staff member said I was not a team player (and what else is new?) and that I was not fulfilling my obligation to the gospel (huh?) and stuff like that. But good for Heather!

So, Josh was talking about adrenalin rushes and how he thinks it would be a good idea to go sky diving when he gets back. Furthermore, he thinks he should be able to take my new toy… um… the DVD recorder I bought for him with on his excursion. He would also prefer I go with…


Nope. I will stand on firm ground and cheer the man on. I will assure him that standing on firm ground and watching him jump out of an airplane is indeed the best idea for a date ever. But I will not, I repeat, will not, jump out of a perfectly good airplane just because it sounds like fun (or for any other reason for that matter… jumping out of a broken plane is a different story though). One of those moments where not even “Sam I Am” could persuade me.

Heather is much braver then me. (Though I think she would agree that standing on firm ground and cheering is much more fulfilling.)


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