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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mil Spouse Scam Alert

We had a meeting to address when bad things happen to good soldiers a year ago, but I realized the past couple of weeks this topic needs to be addressed again.

Soldier Families: THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE RED CROSS TO CONTACT YOU. You may contact the Red Cross and they can contact your soldier, but the Red Cross does not contact you if something bad happens.

Second, let’s say your service member gets hurt (God forbid); the commanding officer, a doctor, or if it’s not that serious, your soldier will call you. They won’t need your Social Security Number or anything. They know who you are. And you won’t need to sign for his treatments. You do not own your service member’s body, the military owns his body.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR YOUR SERVICE MEMBERS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OVER THE PHONE (or to anyone). And if something is different then common procedure, and there is a proper procedure for everything, call your FRG leader or the rear det. They can find stuff out fast.

And for those who prey upon service members families, there is a special place in Hell for you. (And people wonder why I don’t wear a name tag in church or commonly identify myself as a mil spouse.)


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