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Sunday, July 01, 2007

On the Immigration Bill…

I’ve ignored politics for about 20 months. OK, not ignored so much as exercised the in one ear out the other function. I acknowledge its presence, but don’t really donate much effort to it.

Here’s my beef with the entire boarder security issue. I am supposed to take seriously an elected official who believes we need to go to Iraq for our own security whilst anyone can come across the boarder without consequence. Bush at a minimum is inconsistent with his desire to protect our nation from foreign invasion, and I am not talking about Hispanics, and at most could reasonably be held complicit in the next terrorist attack.

I really don’t care if Jose and Maria want to come to America and have a better life. Heck, my dad’s side of the family unsuccessfully tried to violently overthrow a government and sought refuge in America. I just insist upon it being done in an orderly manner, that people follow the established rules and do not insist that I accommodate them in any manner, and that the boarders to the country are secured. The current immigration bill as it stood accomplishes none of the above.


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