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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Part 1: Should Christians read Harry Potter?

A deep question that requires thinking. I have now read all books and seen all available movies. I wish to tackle a few different things with this topic. And I want my readers to know right off the bat that I consider it a matter of personal choice. I’m just going to outline some things I think about.

Right off the bat, I want to address the major issue, and no, it is not magic. The major issue that I want to cover first is whether or not a Christian should read fiction. I agree fantasy fiction may lead someone to sin, I also agree other forms of fiction may lead someone to sin as well. Fellow women, do you have an emotional affair with your favorite romance novel character? I hope with honest examination, this point is taken.

Just as I believe fiction can be sinful, I also believe it can be good. For example, one learns vocabulary, the ability to keep track of details of a plot, the ability to follow a story in logical order, character development, and other intellectual topics that may be of some use later in life. Fiction can also be an artistic commentary on society and it can teach moral lessons.

I’m not spending a great deal of time on the issue of whether or not fiction should be read. I think most Christians accept that fiction is OK, or at least some fiction is OK. As such, when I get a chance of it, I will discuss whether the adjective “Christian” really makes a difference in a book.


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