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Sunday, November 04, 2007

And about “freedom...”

HT to King for the clip and also the link to Mrs. S’s column

This month, Mrs. S talks about freedom . In preparation for her column, she read 1984. Recently, bar and restaurant owners have given up their freedom to serve smokers for the sake of public health. This sets dangerous precedence to further interference on personal consumption. Should I be prevented from receiving the Blood of my Savior during Holy Communion because some women abuse alcohol and drugs and give birth to babies with defects? Should I be prevented from having dessert because I’ve had weight problems in the past? After baby is born, should I be prevented from consuming alcohol?

Now, if I wanted to skype one of my friends on the mission field, should the government eaves drop? My friends and I have nothing to hide, certainly, but what business is it of the government what I say to my friends? “Thought police” come in many forms… The Fairness Doctrine, Hate Crimes, and simple wiretapping without warrant or executing a warrant and putting off informing people about the warrant.

I saw this preview linked via SCSU Scholars for “The Lives of Others.” It repulses me how the East German Government would eavesdrop on people.

But, Liz, we’re not there yet. No, but we shouldn’t begin on the slippery slope. “Safety,” “public health,” or “for the children;” none of these are good reasons for further government spying. And I personally find it disingenuous that the Bush Administration would want the Patriot Act and shun boarder security. The way history dictates things work is: when we take away freedoms from others, they will eventually be taken from us.


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