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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This week, in the life of Baby…

Baby’s hand plates will start forming and Baby will grow to be between 7 and 9 mm long. Baby’s nose starts developing. Also, Baby will start to form their second set of kidneys this week.

Finally, Baby’s male or female members are beginning to form, but it will still be many weeks before the doctor will be able to tell, if Josh and I want to know before delivery. (from )

Recent technology has allowed us to monitor fetal development on a week by week basis. Reading web-sites and watching “In the Womb” provide detail my parents didn’t have. And, for the first time, scripture passages such as: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” actually mean something to me.

I had heard that even the most ardent pro-life woman doesn’t really understand her position until she is pregnant the first time. And I agree with that statement. I didn’t understand that life could form in me until God started forming life in me. And that changes everything.

When Baby begins to hear while in my womb, though Baby won’t understand what I am saying, it gives me a sense of responsibility to say “The Lord’s Prayer” and the responsive readings in church with gusto, and to sing with all my heart. It gives me also great pause to be careful not to sin with my mouth. I am comforted that as I receive Holy Communion that somehow, Baby also receives the presence of Jesus. It gives me grief that people would kill a baby when at the same stage as Baby, while I am excited about the development of Baby’s hands, and new kidneys, and little nose.

Baby is a real person with a real soul and I rejoice for Baby.


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