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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guard weekend…

You know, now that Josh’s National Guard duty has returned to “normal,” I really am starting to feel that the deployment is over. In reality, National Guard duty is a pretty good deal. Or at least, in Minnesota it is. It is marginally inconvenient, but no more so then a husband having to work over an occasional weekend or work late sometimes. One thing that makes things so nice for me is that my family is pretty supportive of the entire thing. Sure, it is important that his family is also supportive, but my family is here, Josh’s is in western South Dakota.

So, why posting so early on a Sunday? Well, it is Drill Weekend. This is why life is “normal” again. In regular time, we go to Sunday school and late service except on Drill Weekend. On Drill Weekend, we go to Saturday evening service. So, we had our normal Drill Weekend routine, and I like having it back. Well, that and it is *really* cold outside. Josh’s truck sits outside, and my car is in our heated garage. When Josh got home from Guard last night, I said, “If we go to late service, you can take my car tomorrow.” He said, “Won’t that leave you stranded.” I thought, ‘right, like I’m going anywhere in this weather,’ but I said, “Yes, but it will take less time to warm up.” Josh said, “I’ll just take my truck.” But, by the end of the evening, he conceded that it was too cold outside to take his truck to Drill. So, I am at home, in my nice warm apartment.

I like Guard weekend.


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