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Saturday, April 26, 2008

This week in the life of Baby…

We are at week 31. Baby is practicing to join Grandpa in his astronomy hobby as Baby’s irises are responding to light. Baby is also a bit more cramped this week, but I’m usually enjoying Baby’s movements. We’re pretty tired lately, though.

We do not have gestational diabetes, we were just overly exerted the day I had my first test. Don’t schedule your first gestational diabetes test the same day you close on your house. I have also had a RHOgam shot, in the arm. And Josh and I are contemplating a few different things. One, we would like to ask if it is absolutely necessary for Baby to have the Hep B shot, and if so, could it wait for a few months? Hospital mistake rates on newborn treatments have been going up and I trust my clinic more then the hospital. Second, I’m not so big on all this unneeded genetic testing and DNA database stuff that Minnesota does, so I’d like to opt out. Something or other about eugenics. Yeah, I’m not big on that. But, I’d like to save the life of an embryo, and donate Baby’s cord blood.

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As an aside, we’re really starting to unpack now, so I am still pretty busy with house stuff. I’ll try to post later on this week… but definitely next weekend.


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