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Monday, May 26, 2008

I agree about Memorial Day, but...

I agree with Rev. McCain about Memorial Day , and I don't doubt his research into WW2. But there is something to be said about acknowledging those who have returned, even on Memorial Day for a couple of reasons.

Most importantly, the WW2, Korean, and Vietnam Vets are identified for younger vets to talk to as a resource... to share their war stories with... to talk to someone who knows what it is like to loose a brother or sister in arms.

And on a lesser note, it reminds we civilians to be grateful to those who serve while we have a chance to do so. Josh will very likely have a deployment again in the next five years, and it does well for both of us when a little kid comes up and thanks him for his service. It isn't just Josh they are thanking, it is the brotherhood, and Josh represents that.

And on a very superficial note... you have to admit that they look so good in their dress uniforms! And any excuse wives can use to pester their husbands into their dress uniforms is a good excuse, regardless of how invalid it may be.


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