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Saturday, May 24, 2008

You’re either a Christian or you are not…

Via Rev. Cwirla’s Underground , a paper on the history of the LCMS by Rev. Wallace Schultz . (Interesting read for those of us new to the LCMS and Lutheran Doctrine.)

Regarding Ablaze! and the like, I’m OK with different witnessing tactics used by different people to accomplish the same goal: make disciples of the nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey. Some cultures are still familiar enough with the basic beliefs of Christianity, namely that Jesus is God made flesh, that you don’t really need to evangelize using the Apostle’s Creed. But you have to make sure you are witnessing to the true faith.

What I am not OK with is different classes or castes of Christians. I’m super serious about my faith because I’ve been baptized and have lead Bible Studies and stuff. No way. I am a plain old ordinary Christian. Then there is this “uncommitted Christian” business. Oh, they’ve been baptized and catechized but they aren’t super serious about their faith because they aren’t performing up to standard or have drifted from church or whatever. No. When we deny the life changing power of the Word, we deny the sacraments. You either are a Christian or you are not. None of this super committed stuff.

Read the article, it’s good.


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