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Saturday, May 24, 2008

This week in the life of Baby…

We have been working half days at home because I’m having some problems with my pulse. In general, I feel pretty good, starting to get tired (practice to build tolerance for the upcoming sleepless nights?), but my pulse spends most of the day up around 120. The powers that be would like to put me on beta blockers, but my blood pressure has been on the low side of normal, so that’s out. And it isn’t my thyroid. So, pray that my pulse will normalize.

According to, Baby should weigh in at about 4 lbs; 12 ounces. And that reminds me of something I picked up from King Banaian’s Senior Seminar… heteroskedasticity (and there were three different spellings of that word amongst professors in that department, so I feel justified in using that spelling). The illustration King gave was if you were to guess the weight of a new born, you’d say 7.5 lbs and you’d be pretty close. But if you were to guess the weight of a 62 inch person, the margin for error is greater because you can have a really heavy person or a really skinny person. But, I’ve been told that it is preferable when doctor says, “Oh, you’re having a BIG baby” and you have a normal sized one rather then “Oh, you’re having a normal sized baby” and baby is huge.


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