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Saturday, May 31, 2008

This week in the life of Baby…

We are 36 weeks along. So, basically, any day Baby says is a good day to be born is it. But, for those keeping track; the magic number is 26 or 27, depending on how you count today or the due date.

At any rate… here are some things for moms to consider… how much do you really want to know (safe for men to keep reading, I’m not talking about gross stuff)? Here are some things that you can “know” about your baby:
Basic genetic conditions
Fun stuff through ultrasound
Little traits that Baby has that you recognize from yourself of husband
And, during your last few weeks, how far you are “progressing…”

We elected not to know the Baby’s gender; and through the ultrasound, we found out what the doctors wanted to know and we got to see how cute Baby is. I have discovered that Baby is a head toucher just like me. I touch my face, head, and hair a lot, and Baby does the same.

However, I have observed from various new moms of my acquaintance that you either want to know that you are walking around about to give birth or you don’t. Let me elaborate… either you like to know you are dilating and effacing or it will drive you nuts. I am in the drive me nuts camp. Actually, I was fairly indifferent until the doctor decided for me. He says the following: “I don’t guess baby’s weight because I’m never right. I just try to guess head size because that’s what is the important factor, and your baby has a normal head size.” He continued, “If I tell people that they are dilated or effaced, then they stop making plans and sit around and wait for the baby to come, and they can still be weeks away. I don’t even check.” And the doctor is right. I’d go nuts.

And for the little surprise of the week… my doctor’s son’s soccer team has advanced to a tournament and so my doctor will be out of town during weeks 40 and 41. But, that’s OK, because the doctor that delivered all of his children will be filling in for him. So, for next week’s appointment, I’ll meet with the substitute doctor just in case.

Finally, for those interested in Liz’s other picks… I have my focus objects. Everyone who knows my family well knows about our thing with patterns and counting. Not necessarily in an OCD manner, but we’re a pattern family. So, Josh and I determined that Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel will greet the Baby as I know those CDs by memory and can count to them well. And I am going to start packing my overnight bag this week.


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