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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This week in the life of Baby…

Tomorrow we are officially at 38 weeks. So, here’s the scoop…

At my 37 week appointment on Monday, we found out that I was measuring at 42 centimeters. (After week 4, wombs measure a centimeter per week pregnant.) And this was a six centimeter growth since week 36…

So, I have a late term ultrasound tomorrow just to make sure everything is OK.

Either my clinic or the hospital system I’m delivering with has this policy that they don’t induce until 39 weeks without an amnio. I have the follow up appointment on Monday, and by the time they order an amnio I’ll be at 39 weeks.

What I’m saying is…

My good friends Kara from Finding Guppy and Pianomomsicle will be getting calls from the hospital. King from SCSU Scholars will be getting the e-mail either Josh or I send later. And of course, Scotty will find out pretty quickly after the event. So those are good blogs to be checking out for those who want to be in the know right away. I’ll try to post this weekend and after Monday’s appointment.


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