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Friday, August 08, 2008

Random Mommy question...

Josh is on his two week training... and Mallory has gone from "something is not right" to "Daddy is gone!" Keeping in mind that Josh was the first person she bonded with, and her primary care giver the first week or so she was home. And she has spent a good deal of time with Josh each day. So, she's a tad clingey today.

So, when do I break down and get out the front carrier and just carry her around for a few hours?

Side note... this isn't an emergency... for an emergency, I have Josh's laundry for her "Daddy smell" fix.


  • At 1:37 AM , Blogger kara said...

    When ever she wants to be held and you need to get other things done. I don't consider it spoiling her or anything. Don't forget, she wont be this little forever. Pretty soon you'll be wishing she was this little still.


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