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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Troops and their money...

Perhaps I have a different take on deployed soldiers and their campaign contributions than Chad the Elder ...

Josh was deployed during an off year campaign. He got to vote for state wide offices; but I don't think he got to vote for the locals. Anyway... from a purely anecdotal perspective; most soldiers I know who were deployed overseas had other things to do with $200 then to contribute to a campaign. Just sayin'. What would certainly make a more credible study on how deployed soldiers spend $200 would be to add "hookah" and "electronic games" to the list of options.

On the other hand... if McCain were to make T-Paw his running mate and T-Paw were to say, "Let's bring the MN income tax benefits deployed soldiers receive to a national level..." there are a lot of guys who would probably put $200 down on that.


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