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Saturday, September 06, 2008

An election thought…

Also known as how HG and I got rid of our large stuffed animals… or the continued pay back for the indoor marching band toy… or I wonder how I’m going to suffer for the following tale now that I am a parent.

Seven or eight years ago, Mom was hosting Easter. Our cousin, Sam, had drawn some swell pictures of the Easter Bunny and his side occupations (Army Bunny had egg shaped grenades, for example). Dad admired Sam’s art, and asked for a couple pictures. Sam was reluctant to part with them until Dad offered a dollar apiece. You see, Sam was saving for half of the price of a scooter or some other toy. My aunt was horrified to discover her son peddling pictures and told our young entrepreneur to stop selling art for money.

Sam was disheartened until he remembered the children who belong to Mom and Dad’s house were adults, and adults don’t need toys. So, he took HG and me down to the toy room and we negotiated exchanges for what he determined to be a fair price, namely our largest stuffed animals. In order to see that our transaction would be completed, it was suggested that we bag the animals and take them to our aunt and uncle’s car for him. So, he borrowed his mom’s keys and we loaded them up.

Our aunt was quite pleased to learn what a great economist her son had become.

The good news is after his birthday money was counted along side the money from his sales, he had enough to pay for half the scooter.

Before you settle on who to vote for, keep in mind that kids are capitalists by nature. Socialism is learned.


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