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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pro-life, Sacraments, and Grace…

Rev. McCain talks about statements Cardinals make regarding abortion and Sacrament. I think the intent of the conversation was to contemplate if it is indeed appropriate to deny sacrament to those who are pro-abortion.

Of course, one comment talked about life of mother issues. Here’s my take. And here are my credentials: 1. I was on oral contraception for several years due to health-of-mother concerns; 2. I had a life-of-mother C-Section; 3. I have to consult with an OB/GYN next year to see if I should be having more children, and if not, what should we do about it; 4. If it is OK for me to try again, it will be a high risk pregnancy with a high risk delivery. Now, some of my girlfriends who are stringent on their NFP Only stance thought I was greatly exaggerating when I said I was on the pill for life-of-mother issues; and now understand that I do have serious health concerns to contemplate.

My take is we need to, for a moment, take our eyes off of “but what if…” problems. They exist in everything, and we shouldn’t borrow trouble on the behalf of others. The intent of denying Sacrament to those who advocate the wonton murder of children is appropriate. Issues the general population deals with on a daily basis, healthy pregnancies in healthy women, are what we should base broad generalizations off of.

Now, what about those tragic circumstances, the life-of-the-mother issues? I pray that the church of God will show Christian compassion towards parents. People who have never had pregnancy problems cannot comprehend the heartache parents go through when they decide whose life is more important, particularly when there are surviving siblings involved. These are issues that are best left to doctors, pastors, the couple involved, and most importantly, God. The opinions of others are ill informed, particularly if the couple isn’t sharing *all* the information with everyone.

So, some things Josh and I will begin to contemplate a year from now (when I am not in the midst of breast feeding hormones) include, based on an OB’s recommendation, how safe is it *really* for me to deliver a child? And if it isn’t safe, what steps will we take to preserve my health?

Be pro-life, yet compassionate towards those who are contemplating life-of-mother issues. Be against hormonal contraception, yet compassionate towards those who have health-of-mother issues. Be in favor of large families, yet understanding towards those who cannot have them.

In “Steel Magnolias,” Julia Roberts’ character is diabetic and is high risk for pregnancy. She tells her mom, after she gets pregnant, “15 minutes of wonderful is better then a life time of nothing special.” Julia Roberts' character ends up dying. And that is a very real possibility for some women. God grant the wisdom to make the most pro-life decision to those who have to make it.


  • At 3:36 PM , Blogger Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...


    You wrote:

    "Julia Roberts' character ends up dying. And that is a very real possibility for some women."

    Correction: not just for some women. Every pregnancy puts a woman at high risk of death even today, though some higher than others. Just how much higher, I don't know. But, I just wrote a post on the relative risks in historical perspective.

    It sounds pretty harsh when looked at in these terms, but what do you think? Since you are a person with firsthand experience in these difficult matters, I'm interested in hearing your perspective - especially on the questions I pose at the end of that post.

    Peace and blessings to you in Christ,



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