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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why certain stuff is *really* funny…

I pick on revivalists. I just do. I used to be one, my extended family is revivalists, and they (both my extended family and revivalists) are just fun to pick on. But, certain stuff they do and think is just funny because, well, it is. For example, if they think God tells them to hold prayer meetings around a statue of a bull , they think it is just fine. However, apparently, it is a really big deal that the Illinois pick three numbers were 6-6-6 on Wednesday, the day after Obama was elected.

Stuff like this is funny because of the internal inconsistencies that people have. The Israelites worshiping at the statue of a bull is a pretty big deal, Bible wise. I mean, lots of reoccurring sins are established in that one story. But making a big deal out of random chance of lottery numbers 6-6-6, that’s just really coincidental timing. (I heard about that on the show that unfortunately replaced Laura Ingraham. A moment of silence please.) At any rate, there is nothing deep or philosophical about my weird little observation via Cwirla .

We should really spend less time worrying about 6-6-6 and who the anti-Christ is and prophecy this and that and worry more about proclaiming Christ Crucified for our sins. We should all be ready, meaning we should regularly confess our sins and make sure our spiritual house is in order. And we also need to have a little humor about our little quirks.


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