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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Not to be the grammar police…

You know, nor do I, you know, have any reason, you know, that I should presume, you know, to correct the, you know, speech patterns, you know, of a, you know, woman who was, you know, raised by a book editor, and you know, Ivy League educated, you know, but…

I completed 17 years of public education and I could tell you, for free, that you turn off the slang, the verbal tics, and the casual grammar in professional settings. I spent a week my senior year of college not saying “like.” It was fun. I learned other words to use when comparing things, and I got rid of an annoying verbal tic.

Verbal tics are endearing and folksy when the speaker comes from a common and folksy background. When the verbal tics come from a member of the Duchy of Massachusetts, it sounds like someone wasted their education.


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