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Monday, January 05, 2009

One of the benefits of remembering history…

It has become trendy amongst Confessional Lutherans of the LCMS variety to shun the church calendar. I mentioned here about the commemoration of the Holy Innocents. Turns out that Chad the Elder, though not specifically writing about the Holy Innocents, writes about how Catholics have also been culpable in abortion as well.

Let’s be honest here. Most of us would agree that learning American History and World History are both beneficial and important for American citizens. Why then, do we not extend this philosophy in regards to the church calendar? Would we be commemorating Roe v. Wade if we remembered the Holy Innocents? Would we have allowed history to repeat itself? Further, would we have op-eds like this that say we should increase the population to increase tax revenue (by the way, in that op-ed, more baby making is not mentioned as an option)? There are currently 40 odd million who would be alive now, many of whom would be paying taxes at this time.

In the next Congressional Session, important topics like physician conscious will be discussed. Josh, Mallory, and I have an NFP only Catholic physician who is very pro-breast feeding. Our physician also advertises himself, even within a well known hospital and health care system, as one who does not even prescribe contraception. Do we remember history or do we force him either out of practice or into the sins of Herod?

Why do we remember church history? We remember church history so we are warned against the sins of our fathers. Right now, a beautiful baby girl is listening to her daddy talk about Twins Baseball, and she thinks it is the funniest thing ever. Her sweet giggle drifts up stairs to my ears. How many sweet giggles are we missing for our sins? God forgive us.


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