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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things that have caught my attention…

I’ll do more on open theism later this week, I hope. At any rate, here are some things that caught my attention.

First off, Josh and I watched “Fireproof.” We need more pro-family movies, and I’m glad that it was made. It gives a good law and gospel presentation. And I think there are some things about the movie that are enjoyable. I wouldn’t recommend it to military or public safety families, however, as there are some very touchy issues that are resolved by Kirk Cameron’s character asking Jesus into his heart, and we all know repentance is the first step in a long healing process.

I was going to rake “Fireproof” over the coals for these military/public safety family issues, but decided it wouldn’t be profitable. I do have one profitable point to make: the movie and “Love Dare” book and seminars are probably not as great as they’re cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about building marriages and stuff like that, but “The Love Dare” is marketed in the movie as, “Pitch woo like Kirk Cameron,” and that can lead to some major sixth commandment breaking in the hearts of women. Women, your husband is going to court you in a manner that fits his personality. Don’t lust over a particular method when your husband is doing his best at his vocation as husband.

Further, “Love Dare” is pitched as law. Kirk Cameron’s character repented of his sins because of his wife’s reaction to his attempts, but then he needed to continue performing the law. There is nothing particularly special or unique about “Love Dare” or any other marital counseling book. You can’t do these things like they are the only way to spice up your marriage. Take what works for your marriage and use it, and reject what is unappealing to you and your spouse.

How did Josh and I renew our relationship after he got back from Iraq? By listening to Issues, Etc. , and the NARN . OK, and going to Twins games and Orchestra Hall. But, we’re nerdy like that.

Speaking of Pirate Christian Radio … here are a couple of good episodes of Fighting for the Faith:

On infant baptism

On law and gospel

Oh, and I am not going to comment on expanded military operations in Afghanistan… I’ll piss too many people off because, face it, you don’t know me, I don’t know you, and we can’t have a proper discussion. I do have an opinion, and Josh is not going to get deployed, and there are currently no rumors indicating such.

Finally, Mallory's cast is off!


  • At 2:15 AM , Anonymous Rich said...

    Trying to understand the Lutheran call for infant baptism. How can a child, a few month old to an age that they are able to read and understand what Baptism REALLY means. Baptism shows identification with Christ and a child that age has no understanding of who Christ is. Baptism to me is MY public commitment to Christ.


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