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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update on Military Benefits

Josh’s old unit was not particularly helpful when it came to informing troops of special things like National Guard day at the State Fair, Twins Games, Vikings Games, etc. And they also were not helpful when it came to benefits. So, I did not have high hopes for this new unit that Josh is part of.

However, I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of information that Josh’s new unit provides. Yesterday, he had six or seven e-mails from the unit providing information from the trivial to the very useful.

Here’s something from the MN State Legislature on recently enacted Military and Veterans benefits.

On a different note, for the first time in my life, I do not feel competent to file my own taxes. And I also wonder if Josh will have to file Mississippi taxes… Well, that’s what an accountant is for.

Of course, I'll be posting more on these benefits and others that I find out about. Our meeting is next week, but after that, we're going to Houston for Labor Day weekend. So, if I don't get to more information before Septelber 6th or so, please understand. We're starting the really hectic month where we try to see everyone and do everything, so I may be neglectful for several weeks.


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