Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Home Alone Moment

Remember “Home Alone?” And you know how the mom had to go from Paris to all sorts of lengths to get home to her little boy for Christmas? Well, so Josh’s flight home was canceled. As I type this, he’s in air to where his stop over is, so he doesn’t know his flight was canceled.

And here’s to the day of “Home Alone” travel my husband is about to face.

Well, at least he’s coming home.

Update: OK, so Airline 1 that canceled flight A said that they got Josh on Airline 2 flight B; but flight B was double booked. So, Josh is on stand by with Airline 1 flight C and is booked for Airline 1 flight D. But, we must remember that he got to the airport at 3 am this morning so the poor man is tired. Airline 1 offered to put Josh up in a hotel and send him tomorrow morning. But that makes less time for us... What will Josh do? Will Liz be "Home Alone Tonight?" I'll let you know what happens.

Update 2: About bloody time! So, Airline 1 couldn't get Josh on flight C; and since Josh FINALLY threw a fit, they put him on a plane. Josh is coming home! Yea! Liz will not be "Home Alone!"