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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not that I’m a moral authority

It isn’t that I’m a moral authority because my husband is deployed, but I want to opine on the speeches tonight.

1. Bush didn’t say anything new or unexpected
2. The Democrats didn’t say anything new or unexpected
3. President John… um… the Senator from Arizona seems happy (no I am not making an endorsement, rather an observation)

I, of course, am rather indifferent and sick and tired of the entire debate. And as I was telling my friend M, I am one of those old school war people. Bomb the panties off of everyone, destroy a lot, forget about this hearts and minds crap, and build the country in our image.

And before I start my usual chicken hawk deal, I’m going to turn on “E.” There HAS to be some sort of celebrity gossip I missed out on to be an informed citizen. A girl has to have her priorities.


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