Blonde moment

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

One of those blonde moments…

Now, I’m a little slow to catch on. I knew Issues, Etc., is an LCMS radio ministry. I knew it was broadcast for two hours on Sunday night, past my bed time. So, when Josh said he was downloading archives from Issues, Etc., I thought he was talking about the Sunday night show.

And occasionally, Erapp mentions an Issues, Etc., show, I, again, thought, “Oh, he must be talking about the same thing.” And then I realized, “Hey, such and such a date isn’t on a Sunday!” (How long was this lag? Like since this winter.) Issues, Etc., is indeed a daily show on KFUO out of Concordia St. Louis.

And another one of those moments one doesn’t automatically think of. So, Northwestern Bible College here in St. Paul has its own radio station. Moody Bible Institute has its own ministry. Wouldn’t it make sense if I automatically assumed Concordia would have the same? But I just wasn’t thinking like that.

Anyway, so on Thursday’s show (archive still on main show page), they were talking about broadcast ministries and if it is a good idea to have service DVDs.
I am partial to the CD ministry of our church. Our church has been giving me CDs to send to Josh and another soldier for the length of the deployment. And I don’t know if Josh has listened to all of them, but when he does, he loves that he is getting solid Lutheran teaching and listening to songs that have solid theology to them. I’m not going to offer an opinion about whether or not DVDs are a good or bad idea. But it’s food for thought when we’re talking about issues like a deployment. It’s a touch of home in a foreign land, at any rate.


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