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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So since I’m Stribless…

I lied to the newspaper rep while they were trying to prove some use for the Star Tribune. I do actually miss something… The Comics. Thankfully, there is .

Luann has been doing a wounded vet story. I hope it comes off well.
Get Fuzzy .
Pearls Before Swine . Gotta love the duckies!

And there are many more to choose from!

Plus, one can get ones daily fix of For Better of For Worse at their site . Buckles has his own site. And, of course, Doonesbury has its own site.

Doonesbury even has a mil blog . (No really, it’s good.) Here’s food for thought from Spc. Wolfe, a Red Bull , a guy who calls himself Tadpole , An RN in a mil hospital , and a med company on their new sweetheart .

No, if it weren’t for canceling my subscription to the Strib, I wouldn’t have found The Sandbox.


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