Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

And this weekend…

So, what did I do for my husband this Veteran’s Day, his first back since war?

Well, I asked him to bring me tea and crackers to bed. And he very kindly listened to me whine. And then I sent him to church without me because I was feeling pretty poorly.

And then I made him pizza for lunch, but he had to cut it because the smell bothered me.

And for dinner, he made me soup.

But I am thankful for his service. Having a reintegration baby is hard work, and he doesn’t mind.

We were going to go to Keegans for the SOS plate, but the only smell that was appealing to me on Saturday was waffles. And so that’s what I made Saturday night.

However, thanks very much to Josh, Dad, Peder, Fish, Sid, and all the other veterans out there. And thanks to God for making men and women like them, who sacrifice their time, talents, and are willing to sacrifice their blood.


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