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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This week's points of interest...

Thanks to Pianomomsicle for putting up a picture of Mallory and me . Also, Mallory is discriminating like Kara’s Joshua . She also agrees with her Aunty Becky… if it’s Baroque, don’t play it. So few can appreciate Bach. Mallory wasn’t about to go to sleep Thursday night, so Josh took us for a drive. Some things are worth burning gas over. And even though she didn’t stay asleep long after we got home, the drive calmed everyone down sufficiently.

We had lunch at my parents’ house on Sunday. Dad asked how we like Mallory and I said that I can’t imagine life without her. Dad pointed out to Josh that husbands take a back burner once children are born because new mothers can’t imagine life without their children, a position wives used to take on their husbands. You know, I think my dad is right to an extent, though not in the manner he meant. A 22 month deployment is enough of a separation for me to imagine life without him, even though we had regular contact. I really don’t like it when Josh is gone. I find my quality of life is greater when he’s here. I tolerate life without Josh, and I’m content for the sake of his military career, but I can’t say it is my favorite state of life.

I love my growing family.

Tomorrow we meet with our pastor to discuss baptism. I’m glad. I learned a lot from my little blog series on baptism. Mallory will receive Holy Baptism on August 3rd. I’m excited for her entrance into the Christian family. Josh was reading John 3 to her today.


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