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Monday, February 23, 2009

Tying a couple of things together…

I lurk at blogs. I comment on some, but not on others. And if I comment on a person’s blog and refrain for a while, it doesn’t mean that I’m not checking in. One of the blogs I read on occasion is the Pan Galactic Blogger Blaster . He has some great insights on the character of women that I was thinking about touching on when writing on Fireproof. So, I’ll just point you out to his post .

Here’s the ultimate problem with Promise Keepers, 40 days of pitching woo like Kirk Cameron, and singing those crappy Jesus is my boyfriend songs: we encourage men to quit being men by telling them to confess to made up sins to keep the women in their lives happy. Then we tell them that if they don’t perform up to a certain standard, say 40 days of pitching woo like Kirk Cameron, they are not good Christians. Women, it is time to take a stand against such non-sense, examine our own hearts, and repent of our own sins.

There is nothing wrong with being romanced, and I am romanced by Josh quite frequently. However, wishing he would behave like Kirk Cameron’s character in Fireproof is lust and is breaking the 6th commandment, among others.

I think we have this whole pitching woo thing backwards. I mean, yeah, men are supposed to love women like Christ loves the church. But they’re not supposed to be singing those silly “This is the air I breathe” songs to us. If men are like Christ and women are like the church, then we’re supposed to be singing in praise of our husbands. (Forgive me if this is sacrilegious) Ever think of your husband in terms of being a mighty fortress or a sword and shield defending? That whole Fireproof thing has it wrong, sure it makes for entertaining “This is how you do not reintegrate your soldier” movie watching, but the fault does not just lie with Kirk Cameron’s character being an ass, the woman who plays his wife is also behaving in a very sinful manner.

Sure, husbands should pick up their wives slack when the wives are weak, likewise wives to do the same. But we’ve had 30 odd years of trying to get men to behave like women, and that is enough. I pray that I may do better at showing Josh I appreciate him for being a man’s man, and teach Mallory to appreciate the protection and rough and tumble care he provides. And I pray that somewhere out there, there is a little boy who is being raised to be proud of his mannish behaviors and follows God, not just like a lamb to the slaughter but as a triumphant warrior.


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