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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Terrorist Driven Life

Worldnetdaily has two points of view on the Rick Warren visit to Syria. Joseph Farrah, the editor of Worldnetdaily; and an article with Rick Warren’s response. So, take your pick.

Here’s my take:
1. Rick Warren was in Syria as a tourist; not a diplomatic envoy, not as a missionary or evangelist, not on a mission of mercy.
2. Rick Warren was warned by the US State Department that he would be used in propaganda if he met with the president of Syria.
3. Rick Warren, because he did not follow the advice of the State Department to stay away, put himself in a position where he will be a tool to recruit terrorists and funding that will harm our service members and maybe even our country.

And when Rick Warren said: “I also know that anyone who speaks publicly all the time is bound to say something dumb every now and then. So I ask for your patience and forgiveness in advance because I’m sure it will happen! Every day I'm amazed that God uses someone as flawed as I am. You should be too. Just don't believe everything you read by bloggers or hear in the media”

Did he say something “dumb” or did he behave in a treacherous manner? The “I’m so naïve and innocent of the ways of the world” act does not work for someone as politically and media savvy as Rick Warren. He was acting as a tourist, he was warned what his actions would do, he ignored the warning, and now he expects us to think he’s just dumb?

There is no way he is this clueless. And we should not be. The blood of American service members is on his head, for his thoughtless actions, and there is no way I will support him at all.


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