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Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Decent Career

It shouldn’t be news, what Charles Rangel said regarding military service. I don’t necessarily find his mere ignorance intolerable; rather I consider his prejudice despicable. Bright kids would rather have a decent career then join the military. How insulting.

What, please inform us Rep. Rangel, is a decent career? One where you don’t work with your hands? One that doesn’t involve self-sacrifice? Members of the military do not perform pretty jobs. Granted, Soldiers and Marines have pretty uniforms, but they only take the pretty ones out for special occasions. Service members shoot guns, blow up stuff, eat crappy food, and get little gratitude for their jobs. They don’t ask that you join their brotherhood; they just ask you don’t insult it.

The man down the hall from me is a retired Army medical officer. One of the pastors on staff at my church is a retired Navy Chaplain. When I was seeing Josh off, I met a retired Marine General (he was cool). Josh and I went to a church down in Florida where the vast majority of the men over 18 are or have been Marines or Seamen. I would bet that not one of these men would say they had an indecent career in the military. The same goes for women, as well.

The military is a fine and honorable establishment with a proud tradition. It is currently a place where selfless men and women work hard to defend the Constitution and our way of life. No one can love a country more then those willing to die for her.

Rep. Rangel did serve in the military. Just because his preferred career is politics, does not make the preference of another individual less valid. Many of our service men and women have it both ways; a civilian career and a National Guard Career. And in some aspects, reservists have it rough because they often put their civilian career on hold for deployment.

Rep. Rangel would rather people not be selfless. He would rather people not desire to serve in the military of their own free will so he could force people to do so. He wants a draft so he can play God with the lives of our country’s young men and women. I don’t want to live in Chuck Rangel’s world.


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