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Thursday, January 11, 2007

More on my feelings…

Well, instead of being really naughty and indulging in chocolate, I purchased a pair of sized 8 jeans, and worked out for an hour. Not as satisfying as chocolate, but I still feel OK.

Here’s something quoting Norm Coleman that sums up a lot of what I feel:

My favorite quotes:
From the article: Coleman said he met with members of the combat team during a visit to Iraq last month, and "they told me how excited they were to see their families, to return to their employers, and to rejoin their communities at the end of their scheduled deployment in March. They deserve better than to find out just two short months before their planned return that their tours will be extended ..."

And to Defense Secretary Gates: "To find out that their soldier's stay has been extended is heartbreaking. To find out by watching the news on TV is completely unacceptable. Your office appears to have omitted the very basic step of giving the Minnesota National Guard advance notification so they could be prepared to help these families."

An 18 month deployment is a very long time. And that is going to turn into between 21 and 22 months. My feelings of disappointment should not be described by “Well, it’s a volunteer military and you asked for it,” or “you just don’t believe in the mission enough.” There comes a time when the cheerleading propaganda doesn’t work. And order extensions are one of those times.

I just like waking up next to my husband more then I like the mission.


  • At 4:09 PM , Blogger JT said...

    I'm very proud that you are in size 8s. you look so good


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