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Monday, February 19, 2007

My e-mail to Jim Ramstad

Rep. Ramstad,

I understand the vote you cast expressing your resolution against the troop surge in Iraq. My husband is with 1/34 Combat Brigade and his orders were just extended. I cannot express how disappointing this news of the extention was. My family wants to do something good for the country, believes in the War in Iraq, and my husband re-enlisted to go on this specific deployment. To say we have been taken advantage of is an understatement.

I read part of your testimony on the vote. Though I do not think the vote should have taken place to begin with, I found you articulate and respectful. And I also understand why you supported the resolution.

I do want to ask you, however, should the opportunity arise, to see that funding for the effort in Iraq continues. There is a difference between opposing the surge and cutting funding. When funding is cut, lives are lost needlessly. My husbands life is more important then politics.

The vote to oppose the surge is, as "The Godfather" says so eloquently, "Business." When funding is cut, it becomes "Personal."

Thank you for your time.


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