Blonde moment

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

One of those things you occasionally have to learn the hard way…

So, I have a vaporizer for winter time use. And recently, I noticed that there was some mold in the workings that I couldn’t get at. I thought… “Well, Liz, perhaps you should run a diluted bleach cycle through it to kill it off.” Of course, I was not thinking about my apartment’s ventilation at the time, nor how cold it is outside so I couldn’t open the windows. And I wasn’t thinking of how much bleach I should add to my water. And though I put the vaporizer in a room far away from where I sleep, I wasn’t thinking how night time isn’t a good time to do such things…

Anyway… if you have a vaporizer, it is, indeed, a good idea to run a diluted bleach cycle through. Makes things more pleasant. But do it right after winter, and right before winter so you can air out your apartment real fast. 24 hours later, the bleach was finally gone. Oh, and perhaps only a cup of bleach would do and not two cups.


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