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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

He called!

Sunday evening, I felt just like I did the first time Josh called me. Utter excitement. My beanies and I had a little ice cream party to celebrate! (A very little one.)

Josh called me. Now, don't get me wrong, I knew he had made it down to Mississippi safely. One of the things you get with power of attorney is access to your husband's checking account. And since I hadn't heard, the only way I could assess his needs was to see if he needed money. And, sure enough, he made a purchase at the PX. But, I hadn't heard from him at all until Sunday.

It was the best possible way to end a day.

It seems as though he is getting to know a couple of the guys in his unit. Yes, I said, "guys." He's a forward observer, there are no women who do that. He asked for a couple of creature comforts to be sent down, and I spent 4 hours on Monday taking care of that. Josh and I had been window shopping for a lot of this stuff, but he didn't know if he really wanted it all until he got down. So, I sent it off today and he'll get it by Friday.

And for all of you who like a good Army story... On October 2, whe thought he was leaving on October 4 at 4:45 AM. Then, on October 3rd we were told he was staying until the 9th. And October 4th, we got a call at 8:30 am saying he was leaving that day and had to report at 11am. So, when we waited around for the vans to take them up to Fargo. Yup, you've gotta go north before you go south. They arrived at Fargo in time for the 2100 flight (9 pm). They got to their final destination at 3am on Wednesday, just in time for 4am formation. And they didn't get to bed until 2200. Yes, I am glad to be a civilian.

Anyway, I have heard from Josh, twice now. And his voice is wonderful.

Josh says, "Go Cards." He's still cheering for the Angels, too, because he hasn't got that paper yet and I don't have the heart to tell him. He'll learn soon enough, and we mustn't tell him too much bad news at once.


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