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Saturday, October 08, 2005

An unexpected blessing

Last night, our friend Jon called wondering if I had a place for his girlfriend, Kathy to stay. Of course I do, and so they came over. I should invite her to stay every time she's here.

And my philosophical thought for the day: I've been taking the cordless to our room each night. Not really expecting Josh to call, but in hope that he does. I haven't heard from him since Tuesday, and I'm trying very hard to be patient. But, I want to be available when he can call. And so it must be with God. He is not expecting us to pray as it is not in our nature. It is in our nature to draw away from God. However, as God is in Heaven, we need to be in regular contact with Him and pray. Pray without end.

Wedding blessings to Tonya and Ben! I wish I could be there, but under the circumstances it's best that I'm not. A trip to Montana and a wedding would have been too much so soon after Josh left. My prayers are with you as you start your marriage.


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