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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Men want feminine women

Dr. Banaian wants to know what gender ratio female college students prefer. Vox Day has a lot of interesting insights as to what men prefer in women. (I have only given Vox Day a general link this time because he talks about male/female relationships at least every second day.)

Parents send their children to college with two hopes in mind: that they will get a degree in which they can support themselves and that they find a nice person to marry. The problem with a high female to male ratio is that it is difficult to find a nice person to marry. (Josh and I did not meet at college, though I was a college student at the time.)

Even my most ardent feminist sisterhood friends want to get married and are doing things that will hopefully make them more attractive to the type of man they want. And, from experience, I believe the problem is how the high female to male ratio causes people to behave.

Men are attracted first to looks, and generally after that they want someone who is good company that they can take home to mom without being embarrassed. So, to enhance looks, women resort to one of the easier forms of attraction, skimpy clothing. When this does not work, “putting out” is often the next step. And when there are more females to males, females resort to dressing in even less clothing and putting out even more. A young woman needs to do something to differentiate herself from others.

I chose a different path. I learned the ins and outs of my dorm oven and learned to cook a couple of meals and make several types of baked goods using these ovens. As I was telling my dad earlier today, I didn’t win Josh by my looks, but that I sent him chocolate chip cookies when he was at his two week National Guard training. Good looks only last a season, but the ability to make good chocolate chip cookies lasts a life time.

I say this somewhat in jest. I was looking for a husband in college, and I did use my cooking to attract men. But, I also treated men with respect and I expected respect in return. I was often treated better then their “girlfriends.” Not because I am personally all that good looking or whatever, but because I behaved myself like a lady and served my friends, both male and female, with Christ like love and honor.

Vox’s point, though it is often very harshly put, is that women should be feminine and not manipulate men. Dr. Banaian’s question, though academic in nature, is answered: regardless of the learning environment, women who want to be married should prefer the company of men and behave in a manner to attract a good husband.

My mom is a good woman and a beautiful wife. Though I probably don’t tell her this often enough, I hope to emulate her behavior. She is not demanding of my dad, and they love each other and complement the strengths and weaknesses of the other. She taught me something that I try not to forget: it doesn’t matter what Liz likes or wants, but what Josh likes and wants. And I am happier when I am serving Josh and seeing to his needs.


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