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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yup. That's my high school

Now, I swore to myself that I wouldn't give publicity to this act of stupidity, but I found something deserving of pride: my apathetic high school !

The bad news:

At Bloomington Kennedy, about 20 students walked out to join the protest. Most said they had excused absences; a couple said they didn't have excuses but were going anyway.

The good news:

Kennedy Principal Ron Simmons said that today was the second day of end-of-quarter tests at Kennedy. Any student who walked out without permission would not be able to make up work they miss today and their grades would be affected, he said.

And some things never change:

Andrew O'Brien, 17, a Kennedy senior and one of the organizers of the school's walkout, was disappointed that more students weren't participating. He said the timing of the protest during the testing period was a problem. In addition, he said it's been difficult to get Kennedy students interested in the issue. Students are apathetic about politics in general and about the war specifically, he said.

Poor Andrew. Well, at least he's a shoo in for most liberal of his senior class.


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