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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Friday Five…

Via the Pianomomicle

What’s something you were into before it became popular? Um… I was into DC Talk before my sisters were… but I’ll leave it at that.
What’s something you were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with, but now are totally into? Capri pants. Until recently, I had a hard time finding some that were the proper length.
What’s a current trend or fad you just don’t get? Plunge necklines… can’t do ‘em. (Why, oh fashion designers, must ALL summer dress shirts reveal cleavage?)
If you could turn any current fondness of yours into a popular trend, what would it be? Glitter lotion. My bridesmaids I thought I was a freak because I insisted on wearing glitter lotion. Glitter lotion is rarely inappropriate.
What’s something that’s totally uncool that you love anyway? Blue eye shadow and navy blue eye-liner… together… and berry or red lipstick. Oh, and sunscreen. Tanning is over-rated. I will laugh when everyone (especially Josh) gets skin cancer obscenely early.


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