Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We’ll get together then…

As I’m typing this, I am humming a classic rock tune, “The Cats in the Cradle.” If you haven’t guessed by the lag between blog posts, that song really strikes me as important, or rather the concept behind that song.

I love blogging. It is a release of my pent up musings throughout the day regarding theology, current events, and life. But I’m a wife and a mother, too. As with everything else in life, the choice must be made what one is willing to give up in hopes of doing better at something else.

For some strange reason, my daughter wants to be like me. She wants to touch the things I touch, she wants to do the things I do, but most importantly, she wants to spend time with me.

And so, consider this the close of A Blonde Moment for now. I’m keeping it up for the sake of the links I have and because I intend on coming back someday when certain of my family want to know what twice times is.

So, excuse me please, my daughter and I must go wave at her mirror friend and her window friend, read some books, blow kisses, discover the wonders of facial tissue boxes, splash in water, unravel yarn, bang things with wooden spoons, giggle, all while learning to pray. You know we’ll have a good time, then.

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